„Smalltown“, 2014


„Joy to the world“, 2010

A christmas album with trditional songs.

„Noel Noel“, 2008

A phantastic Christmas album. Includes the cover song

"Fields of gold" from Sting.

„Pushaw Lake“, 2006

Joni & Band goes back to the roots.

An exiting mixture of selfmade and traditional Country Rock Songs. Come and join in the fun!

„Christmas with Joni Madden“, 2005

Die aus Amerika stammende und mit dem Tiroler Gitarristen Andy Cutic verheiratete Sängerin Joni Madden bietet mit ihrer neuen CD „Christmas with Joni Madden“ ein Potpourri internationaler Weihnachtslieder, eigenständig und mit viel Gefühl interpretiert. Mit Songs wie „Santaclaus is coming to Town“, im Duett mit Wolfgang Ambros, oder den einfühlsamen Versionen der Volksweisen „Es wird schon glei dumpa“ und „Silent Night“ bringt Joni Madden die Glöckchen erst richtig zum Klingen.


„Merry Christmas“, 2004

Single: „Starts me up“

Schulprojekt zur Eröffnung vom Gymnasium Purkersdorf

Live Album: „Home is Heaven“, 2003

Maxi CD „Reaching for the Stars“, 2001


Album:“Hey Yo!“, 2001 Hey Yo!

Much gratitude to the following musicians and team members for their blessed talents: Carl Verheyen, Andy Cutic, Matt Bisonnette, Greg Bisonnette, Gregg Mathieson, Luis Conte, Terry Wood, Kristina Hamilton, Sherwood Ball.

Brian Reeves, Patrick, Casey, and Kevin down in the Jungle Room, Andi Slavik, Susanne Kemmler.

Roman Sillip, Georg Gabler, Karin Friedl, Reinhold Kiss, Alex Kiss, and Ronni Seunig! This record is dedicated to my mother. If I had to live my life over, I would choose you as my mother again.

I love you, your Jonsey Baby. I can not turn my creativity on and off. It‘s either there or it isn‘t. It‘s nearly impossible for me to summarize how I feel about certain individuals on the back of a CD cover...but I‘ll try  I would also like to thank the following:  My partners in childhood Lynn and Eric ( we know what p.i.t.a. means), Sam, Matt, Lauren. Annie, Ashleigh, and Zack, I love you. Johanna Cutic, Margit and Wolfgang Ambros, Irene and Wolfgang Stark. Anzo and Dani, Tele Gunther, Julie, Jenna, Rusan, Franz, Barbara, and Ursi.

Very special thanks to: Georg Gabler, Marshall Stern, Imelda Madden, and my Dad. My heart goes to:  Patrick, Katy, Andy and God. Lullaby is for Zack and Jonsey Baby is for Daddy


Album „More than a Heartache“, 1996


Debutalbum: „Joni Madden“, 1993

1010 Citybeat „Me and Bobby McGee“, 1991

Maxi CD: „Hidden in the Rain“, 1993