Joni´s Biography

Joni Madden was born and raised in Milford, Maine, USA. She left her home at an early age to pursue a singing career.

In 1983 Joni started to work for the famous „Pointer Sisters“. After a lot of experience and hard work, she was ready for her solo career.


1991 She flew to Europe and had several studio sessions with well known Austrian artists, among them Wolfgang Ambros and Rainhard Fendrich.

Her first project- the maxi single - „Me And Bobby McGee“ was celebrated in Europe as the most interesting newcomer production of the year 1992.


1993 The debut solo album: „Joni Madden“ was released in Europe.


1994 Scandinavian release. The songs: „Hidden In The Rain“ and „Sam Jam“ figured on the top of nearly all Scandinavian and Austrian radio playlists. A very successful tour followed, including performances at the famous „Langeland-and Midtfyns-festivals“ in Scandinavia, the „Donauinselfestival“ in Vienna, also as support act for Huey Lewis, Paul Young and The Kelly Family.


1995 Joni takes a small break and gives birth to baby Kate.


1996 Release of the second album: „More Than A Heartache“ a product with strong lyrics, powerful songs and an extraordinary vocal performance.


1997 Joni appeared live in front of thousands of fans all over Europe.


1998 Together with Andy Cutic, a well-known guitarist and songwriter, Joni is hard at work on her third record.


1999 Songs written by Andy Cutic and Joni were pre-produced in their home studio in Vienna, Additional songs are picked from dozens submitted by award winning composers from Los Angeles, Nashville and Liverpool.


2000 During February and March, Joni recorded her 3rd CD : „Hey Yo“ at the Jungle Room Studios in Los Angeles. The project features Greg and Matt Bissonette , Carl Verheyen of Supertramp, legendary percussionist Luis Conte and a host of guest stars produced by Brian Reeves and Andi Slavik. In October Joni took over the lead female roll in the Falco musical.(Ronacher-Vienna).


2001 Official CD presentation Hey Yo in Vienna with Ruth McCartney. Various promotionactivities,interviews and concerts all over Europe.


Joni Madden wins the Amadeus Award for best female Pop and Rock singer.

Release of the Hitsingle „Reaching for the Stars“

Opening Act with Marque at the Ski World Championship in St. Anton.

2002 Release of the new CD „Home is Heaven”(Live at Sacre Coeur).

Songwriting Workshop at The University of Vienna.


Summer tour through Austria.

The ballad „Ì want you to want me“ ìs being recorded in Italian language.


2003  Joni performs her new song „peace no war “ at the famous peace march in Assissi (Italy).

Release of the Single „Starts me up“


2004  Release of the CD „Merry Christmas“

Joni flies to NY in order to meet record companies and producers for her new album.


2005  Release of the CD „Christmas with Joni Madden„


2006 Joni goes back to her roots and releases a Maxi Country CD named „Pushaw Lake“.


Meanwhile , back at the ranch, Joni is recording another spectacular work. Estimated release - summer 2007.

Look out , here she comes!


2008 release of " Noel Noel " - a phantastic Christmas album . Includes the cover song " Fields of gold " , from Sting


2010  " Joy to the World " was released . A Christmas album with traditional songs


2011 – 2014  writing , writing……producing , producing  ………singing , singing ………"Birth " of    ….. " SMALL TOWN "


Meanwhile , back at the ranch, Joni is recording another spectacular work. Estimated release – Nov 2015.